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This laboratory is a private organization was established in June 2014, the ground work hard, already...

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MNT&RL has a well established office equipped with infrastructure and skilled manpower in testing...

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MNT&RL is providing accurate reliable and reproducible test results and designing consultancy services to...

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Reliable & Comprehensive Testing Solutions

Reliable, Accurate, Scientific tests with speed and delivery of in formative test reports in time...

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Welcome to MNTRL

We believe in delivering our promise to assess purity The man behind this venture and a Civil Engineer by profession has altogether different vision from the rest. He is empanelled Geotech consultant by the Govt. of M.P.


Accurate & Consistent Testing

Testing and Evaluation of Materials,Advanced Facilities,Quality Management Services


Proven & Trusted Quality Control

Our construction material engineering and testing credentials speak for themselves.

Services and Tests Undertaken

Our construction material engineering and testing credentials speak for themselves. Our professional engineers having vast experience and understanding of material testing.

Concrete Testing

Compressive strength test of concrete cube

Soil Testing

PH value, chloride, sulphate content.

Cement Testing

Comprehensive strength of cement

Aggregate Testing

Elongation & Flakiness index.

What we do best

Building Material Testing

Brick Testing

Compressive strength,Water absorption


Deleterious constituents,Silt content


PH value,Chloride content,Sulphate content

Bitumen & Bituminous mixes

Emulsion, Viscosity, Residue test

Meet our Engineers

We have skilled and highly experienced engineers Analysis & Testing of Variety of Materials

Analysis & Testing of Variety of Materials

MNT&RL provides status of the expertise services, for quality assurance of Raw materials. Besides this, the expertise of Analytical services division works as a support for dictatorial authorities as well the consumers. The methods adopted are of International standards.

Qualified and experienced human resources.

We provide customized testing services to meet the unique requirements of all of our customers across the country.

Wide range of Sophisticated Instrumentation.

We offer testing services specifically designed to satisfy our clients.

Precise, Accurate and Prompt results.

Determine the quality of building material they are using for construction.

Laboratory Testing

    Determination of :-

  • Index Properties
  • Mechanical Properties
  • CBR
  • Permeability
  • Chemical Properties
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Research & Development

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The highly equipped computerized & digital laboratory has got all the facilities to conduct both Physical & Chemical tests on all types of building materials, as per relevant Indian Standard Code of practice.

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Most effective Testing

MNT&RL is committed to provide best professional services in conducting scientific tests in its Laboratory, as well as Non-Destructive and Partially Destructive tests on any structures.